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Not necessary to "choose one"... all these (and more) are always on the table in our work together when appropriate


Life is a beautiful, terrifying mystery. As unwitting participants in its complexity, each of us is must reckon with what is means to be alive in this moment as a human being: separate in our perceptions of reality yet interconnected to everything that is happening, has happened, and that will ever happen.

Everything we took for granted in our world is shifting right now, and we each carry a particular bundle of the burden to transform and come to peace with. Until we do so it will feel like misery, collectively and personally. Misery manifests differently in everyone and the way to freedom is different for everyone. This is ultimately the core of our work together.

Star Formation


Trauma-informed psychedelic coach and psychiatric nurse with experience in such topics as microdosing, personal and guided ceremonial preparation and integration, psychedelic harm reduction, and physical, medical and psycho-spiritual safety concerns.



With most clients, the use of metaphor and imagery to create personal, workable models of a construct emerges organically and plays out the course of its usefulness. These can also be expressed for increased potency through dance, art, vocal expression, and imaginative psychospiritual work with influences from IFS, Jungian theory, 5-rhythms dance, symbology, the creative juices. At the comfort level of the participant and applicable where appropriate.



Ritual is about connecting deeply with the unseen for the purpose of bringing about change or moving through a process, something we often need but don't necessarily have a cultural context for. I can consult with you about personal ritual creation that will meet your needs and comfort level. Moon cycle, astrology, tarot informed, intuitive council regarding customized ritual creation. Useful for processing grief, ancestral wounds, heartbreak, fear, chronic victimhood, letting go of old stories, boundary setting, attracting what you want in life, and more.

Image by Aziz Acharki


Consultation for and creation of custom flower and crystal essences, herbal nervine and hormonal support tinctures, teas, potent potions, smoke blends, ideas for incorporating many kinds of vibrational, energetic and plant medicines into your life.



Trauma informed, hands-on body work and touch work, energetic re-patterning, chakra work, somatic awareness building, locating multi-body blocks and working to integrate them, finding refuge in the body.

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