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My name is Zoe.

I am a psychiatric RN and psychedelic researcher and guide. I come from a lens of Western medicine combined with alternative, spiritually informed and holistic treatments for trauma, addiction and compulsive behaviors as well as depression, anxiety, psychosis and other mental health ailments.


I am also a lifelong seeker, healer, ecstatic poet, deep diver, wisdom seeker, curious co-collaborator with the mysterious, and an enthusiastic, intuitive and inspired comrade on the brave and humbling path toward awakening and finding peace. I have been walking this path myself, and understand how impossible it is to do alone. Don't give up. You are here. There is nowhere else to go but deeper. There is nothing else to get but lighter.


I have extensive experience with psychedelic plants and compounds, mind expanding experiences and rituals on a professional and personal level that have helped deepen my outlook and comprehension of life as a multi-dimensionally cognizant being. The path toward wholeness and understanding the relationship between Self/Other/Whole has shaken me to the core; challenged, and ultimately transformed, everything I thought I knew. It has opened me up to ineffable truths, deep calm, intimate mystery and rapturous beauty that are integrated into my experience of life, myself and my practice.

I offer myself in service as a guide, collaborator and companion on the strange, scary, liberating journey toward seeing, knowing and loving yourself on as deep a level as you desire. Whether that desire comes from the need for deep healing or from deep curiosity, I will meet you where you are and encourage your steps toward relating to the world from this place as you discover more and more about who you are and what that means. We are not meant to do this alone. 

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