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Energetic Exchange


For many of us, and culturally under capitalism, money has become more than just a simple tool of exchange. It has morphed into a holographic entity that every one of us is in unique conscious (and unconscious) relationship with. It intersects or even defines our beliefs about our own and others' value, belonging, possibility, community, inherent worth, success, security, and survival. Like other belief structures we have inherited, beliefs about money can more fluid than we have been led to believe, and unraveling them can be a locus of empowerment.

In unpacking my own relationship with money, I have come to understand it most cleanly as a token of value in energetic exchange and even as a vehicle of intentional magic. This understanding has begun a process of defusing and demystifying a previously loaded, triggering and deeply internalized matter.

My wish to engage in energetic transfer, on both the giving and receiving ends, is at the intersections of value, resources, gratitude and respect, all of which are dependent on the client, practitioner and the moment of service.

For this reason, I offer all services on a sliding scale and respectful donation basis. I am certainly grateful for prayers and well wishings attached to said energetic transfers; call it a tip, and pay it forward!


Most sessions are 60 to 90 minutes with a suggested exchange of $80 to $150 per session.

As mentioned elsewhere, consultations are by respectful donation always.

Exchange for specialized sessions will be discussed when appropriate.

This magic can happen electronically (Venmo, PayPal), by check or with cash for in person sessions.


In the case of physical items, potions, etc: some I can offer for a donation and some are fixed in their value.

I will consider all offers made in the spirit of fairness and reciprocity.

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