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Transformational Coaching

Welcome to the Empowerment Projekt. I'm glad you're here. My hope is that you feel safe, understood and supported as you read on, and that something you find here inspires you to choose stepping into the next moment, fortified.


My work is informed by years of experience as a psychedelic guide, researcher and trauma and addiction-informed psychiatric nurse. I facilitate transformative processes with love, skill, attention and perspective while you face your conditioning, fears, limiting beliefs, automated and unconscious patterns. My desire for you is to find compassion for yourself and others, realize the value of the present moment, and move towards enjoying your life.

Working together means engaging in an exploration of what is Up for you in the moment; this leads us on a journey uniquely yours, taking you closer to your own mysterious Self. We turn over stones of the past, unveil unconscious patterns and choices with kindness and perspective, arriving always through the trail markers of emotion, thought, behavior, imagination and experience. By and by, we learn how to question automatic responses to life and relate differently to our reality. Everything starts to transform from the inside out.


When we do our own work of integrating the fragmented parts of ourselves, our families and our cultures, we stop resisting and instead start to make peace with what is, grieving and feeling, making space for new life to be sown. In doing so, we add to the overall wellness of the collective human organism, transpersonally bringing the world closer to wholeness. Transforming our world starts with transforming yours.

We are being asked to heal, level up and find meaning in our lives in rapidly changing times. There is no other way. If you are ready to engage with this journey, I'm here to help. It's really not possible to do alone.


Non-dualistic * Individualized * Intimate * Transformative * Engaged * Curious * Affirming * Kind * Experiential * Holistic * Exploratory * Open * Radical * Transpersonal * Collaborative * Visionary * Creative

My approach is highly individualized; I meet every client as a unique being in a specific point in space-time called Now. We start by diving into what you are currently aware of and immediately needing. This is the entry way into your own cave of closely held core beliefs, dreams, yearnings, painfully held memories, contractions, hidden wonders and barriers to wellness. The tools we engage with will come from our collective well of experience, inspiration and collaboration. This is really about you, and your whole self is welcome and needed in this process. If you're curious to know more, send me an email and set up a consultation (by donation) to talk about where you are and how I might be of service. For some ideas on how we can weave this, see the Services section.

I offer 60 to 90 minute talking sessions which can take many forms but is always guided by the ease of the flow between us. Preparation for guided journeys starts with this kind of work.

Adjacent art by Mark Henson

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The Braided Paths

See the Services section above for more details about how we can engage these modalities to expand, deepen and discover.

Star Formation




Image by Aziz Acharki




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Consultations are by donation.

Reach out by email or text to book a phone consult.

For ongoing work, we can connect over the phone, in person, or over Zoom, depending on preference and accessibility.

Based in Santa Fe, NM

(305) 731-6935

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